London Layover

For those traveling on British Airways via Heathrow Airport, there is a minimum of a ten hour layover on the way to Uganda and many teams take advantage of this to tour central London.

On the return trip, you arrive in London in the later afternoon and can take a flight on back to the US a couple of hours later. You will then arrive in the US late in the evening and will most probably have to overnight near the airport of arrival before completing your flight home the next morning. I highly recommend you instead overnight in London and take an early morning flight from London which will put you at your US gateway airport in plenty of time for connecting flights that same day to your home.

It is recommended that you make your way from Terminal 4 at Heathrow to Terminal 3 and then go to the bus terminal there to stop 17, and take bus 111 to the Ibis Hotel. This is a free bus for those with an overnight layover. The driver will tell you the stop to get off at the 2nd stop and the Ibis is less than a 50 yard walk. The next morning the bus picks you up in front of the Ibis, it costs 3 (nearly $5)to ride back and delivers you back to Terminal 3. Some flights to the US leave from Terminal 3 but most from Terminal 4 so you would need to travel back to that terminal via the airports transport system to connect with your flight. The cost of the Ibis on the weekend, Friday through Sunday is 45 ($72.00) and during the week it is 65 ($100.00). It is small but nice. You can eat in the hotel or if you are a bit economical you can eat at McDonalds down the street. Any way, you get a good nights sleep in a bed and not an airplane seat plus a nice hot shower.

IBIS Hotel Heathrow, 112 Bath Road
Email: IBIS Heahrow Booking
Fax: 011-44-207-691-9481 (from USA), 0-207-691-9481 (within UK)

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