Packing Tips Check List
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Items to carry personally (fanny pack, back pack, etc.) details
❑ Valid Passport details
❑ Must have blank page for Uganda Visa Insert sample
❑ Letter showing pre-approved Uganda Visa details
❑ International Certificate of Vaccination PHS-731 details
❑ Health Insurance Documents details
❑ Airline tickets and boarding passes once issued details
❑ Personal Funds - credit card details
❑ Small flashlight details
❑ Medications (prescription & over-the-counter) details
❑ Lariam or other anti-malarial of choice details

Items you should have in your carry-on details
❑ Personal toilet itemsToilet KitShower Kit
❑ Camera details
❑ Insect repellent (Deet) details
❑ Writing tablet details
❑ Bible & Presentation Notes details
❑ Leisure reading materials details
❑ Portable music player Mp3 or iTunes details
❑ Pocket size rain pouch details
❑ Personal first aid supplies details
❑ One small bottle of water details
❑ One change of clothes

Items for checked bags details
❑ Benevolent items: giftsused clothesBibles & books
❑ Clothing (personal) details
❑ Leatherman type tool or knife details
❑ Small roll of duct tape details
❑ Sewing kit details
❑ Single use rubber examination gloves details
❑ String - Nylon

What about ??? or "Do you recommend I take...."details

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