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Evangelism simply sharing the "good news" of Christ. We all like to share thinks we know with others. Telling others what Jesus has done in your life is truly "good news," in face, it is the best news ever. The outline is simple.

  1. God, the creator of all thing is Holy and Righteous
  2. Mankind sinned against God in Adam
  3. This sin created a gulf that man cannot cross
  4. God sent Christ, who is without sin, to pay the penalty of sin which is death
  5. All who call upon Christ is faith, receive the gift of eternal life

When you think of the means God used to call you to Himself, you should be amazed at His grace and goodness to you, and also want to be used of Him to see others drawn to Him.

When Andrew met Jesus, his first inclination was to bring his brother Simon Peter to meet Him too. (John 1:40-42). For a Christian, witnessing is not an option. Seek to understand the implications in your life form Acts 1:8.

  • power The Greek word "dunamis" from which the English word dynamite comes. It is that explosive power God's Spirit gives the faithful witness
  • Holy Spirit The third person of the Trinity, God the Spirit
  • upon you Not just anyone, but YOU
  • you will be my witness No open option, but a certain fact. The only question is what kind of witness will you be? Faithful and true or haphazard and contradictory?
  • Jerusalem When Jesus spoke these words, the disciples were in Jerusalem, which teachers us we are to witness right where we are
  • all Judea The area in which Jerusalem was located was Judea, so we see we are to start where we are, and cover the area all around us
  • Samaria The Jews and Samaritans were bitterly racist toward each other. Jesus commands that we share His good news with those with whom we would otherwise seek to avoid
  • End of the earth With these words Jesus embraces the whole earth as the prescribed mission field. In Revelation we read "Worthy are you to take the scroll, and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation." (5:9) In this case, there are several steps, to pray, to go, to give.

The material which follows is an effort to clearly articulate the problem of mankind, sin and separation from God, and the one and only solution, Christ. Much of the evangelistic efforts of our day are consciously or unconsciously man centered. The appeal is not a statement of God's holiness and call to man to repent and seek God's holiness in daily living. Instead, the appeal is to either health, happiness and wealth here and now, or heaven when you die. Gone is a call for personal holiness that can only be found in Christ.

Some Tools to Use In Evangelsim

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