Steps to Growth in Christ

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The purpose of these materials is to help Christians understand the basic steps necessary to grow in grace as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. The materials here have been compiled from authors who are evangelical Christians, who believe the Scriptures (66 books of the Old and New Testaments) are the inerrant Word of God and our only infallible authority of information for Christian faith and life. Satan will do all he can to discourage your walk with Christ. Here are a few suggestions before you start:

  • Get a Bible of your own to read and in which you can make notes
  • Keep a writing tablet and pen handy to make notes as your read and study
  • Select a time and place that is quiet and free from distractions where you can spend time with God each day, even if you miss some days, having a regular time is a key to faithfulness
  • The items listed below are to help you discover the truths in Scripture

Knowing Jesus

Basic Steps in Christian Growth

Useful tools to help you grow

Beware of false teachings

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