Student Sponsorship in Uganda

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ACTI is happy to assist in the sponsorship of students in Uganda. In fact, a study of the ministry of Compassion International has shown that helping children in the third world get and education is one of the most profitable things you can do. ACTI's willingness to send funds must meet the following: student and school MUST be known by ACTI staff in the USA or in Uganda. We do not send funds to individuals or groups we do not know.

To send funds through ACTI we need the following:

  • Students full name
  • School they attend
  • Name & phone number of school director
  • Send Check to:
    • Africa Christian Training Institute (or simply ACTI)
      PO Box 15621
      Panama City FL 32406-5621


  • ACTI is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization. ACTI takes no fee for funds transferred to Uganda for students support. The bank does charge ACTI the standard international wire fee so we ask folks who send funds through ACTI to make a periodic gift to ACTI General Fund to help cover these costs.
  • To help prevent the creation of stumbling block, we recommend sending funds to Uganda through a single agency. It is helpful when folks in Uganda know there is accountability in funds sent to them. Avoid the desperate call for immediate help that says do not send through ACTI (or whomever you normally send through) but instead send it via Western Union or some other such service. We have known of both dishonest students and scammers who have gotten funds for a single need from three different sources in the US since none of the funds cleared through a single mission agency in the US.
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