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The African Christian Training Institute is a Word and deed ministry that welcomes your visit with us. ACTI is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization in the United States and Africa Christian Training Ministries (ACTM) our equivalent status of NGO (non-governmental organization) in Uganda Permit #1145, We have continuously ministered in Uganda since 1983.

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Africa Christian Training Institute
P O Box 15621
Panama City FL 32406-5621
850-615-4060 w/voice mail
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Africa Christian Training Institute
Bob Hayes - 850-814-6322
1401 Calhoun Avenue
Panama City FL 32401-1543

ACTI's guest house is located on Entebbe Road in Bwebajja. We can organize pickup and return to Entebbe Airport and transport within Uganda. To arrange accommodations and transport, contact us via email

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Please note, both Network for Good® and PayPal® charge a fee for their services as this is their way of making money. Network for Good® in their transaction process makes a provision where a donor can offset their transaction fee with some additional funds given. PayPal® does not. Therefore, when donations are made through Network for Good® without offsetting their fee, and through PayPal®, these services deduct their fee before funds are deposited with ACTI. Please understand that if a donor gives say $100, ACTI would receive up to 4% less, which would actually go to Uganda. ACTI does not deduct fees for our handling transfers.

ACTI receipts contributions via email (saves printing, paper, envelopes, postage, and time) so please include a clearly printed, valid email address, and make certain your contact list includes

Africa Christian Training Institute

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