A Letter from Michael

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

God has chosen to bless our work in Uganda in many unexpected ways. He has given into my hand many young enthusiastic engineers with a desire to help in the Ugandan villages. He has expanded our work beyond the borders of Kyamagemule to other areas of Uganda, like a school and clinic for abused children on Zinga Island and a birthing clinic near Mount Elgon. We have also been gifted with many new technologies that can help treat the water in remote villages. Beyond our chlorination/filtration program, we have thermal heat treatment and are developing an anaerobic field incubator to test for species not easy to detect in contaminated water. New this year will be gravity membrane filtration, a process like kidney dialysis that removes chlorine-resistant species. We are also working with the foldscope technology, a microscope out of thin cardboard developed by Stanford University, which greatly expands our ability to detect bacteria.

Because of the scope of what we have been given to do, we have founded a second organization for the water ministry, WeDev Water, which has become a charity in Germany. I, myself, will remain a member of Mission Uganda while serving as president of WeDev Water. I do ask your prayers for our new organization as well. Most of my engineers are not Christian, but our work in Uganda provides them a great opportunity to be exposed to Christianity, an opportunity most of them would not have here in Germany.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. You are in my prayers.


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