Mityanna District

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Amazing Grace Outreach Ministies
Nakiragla Village
Kagerekamu Parish
Ssekanyonyi Sub Country
Mityana District
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Nakiragla Village is located on Hoima Road, 40 miles from Kampala City, at Wangoma/Matte one stage, two miles from the main road.

We have a piece of land approximately 1.5 acres where we have managed to set up one block of two classrooms. However, we have been able lay a foundation for three additional classrooms (see photos). Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

STAFF: We have a dedicated staff of eight, men and women who managing all the children from nursery to primary grade 7. The teachers serve under difficult circumstances due to the very little salaries they earn and that not in a timely fashion because of the poor payment of school fees from parents/guardians.

CHALLENGES - A PERMANENT PIT LATRINE AT THE SITE: We would like you to stand with us in this area as you see the photo of our existing pit latrine. We do pray God to open the way out to have the construction of a nice looking one.

Here are the needed materials (total about $500)

  • Iron sheets [20]
  • Vent pipes [8]
  • Cement [20 bags]
  • Sand [8 trips]
  • Doors [8]
  • Small stones [1 trip]
  • Manual labor [2]
  • 300 bricks are available at the site

    John W Torokwa
    Amazing Grace Ministries
    P O Box 31270
    Kampala, Uganda
    Email Mr. Torokwa

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