Yesu Akwagala Church
Jesus Loves You Church
Kyamagemule, Mityana District
Total facilities in 2007

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Pastor George William Yawe of the above church was born in this village in 1968 and lived here until age 12 when he was taken as house boy by some people presenting themselves as benevolent people wanting to recuse him from the poverty of his father's household.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. These people where looking for sacrifice for their demons through a witch doctor. He went through a lot of suffering in time was dumped in the hospital with severe burns over a large portion of his body, for nearly a year. Yet it was during this period that he received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

Once he got out of the hospital, he lived in Kampala, got an education and now operates his own electrical supply business.

In 1992 God called him to go back to his native village and tell the people of that community about the Love of God but he was hesitant to going due to the past experience as mentioned above. In April of 2004 the voice came back and said "have you refused to go for me and tell my people to repent?" At that time, he committed himself to go and work for God in this community and start a church there. The Lord has proven He was the one saying "GO," by saving many, giving them hope and life again.

As we moved to 2013, the need for permanent school facilities became a priority. To help meet this need, Pastor George drew up a proposal that is quite extensive. Please take a look at the classroom proposal and consider how you might join the project.

Some Photographs from Kyamagemule

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