Yesu Akwagala Church
"Jesus Loves You Church"
Kyamagemule, Mityana District
Total facilities in 2007

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George William Yawe is the founding Pastor of this church in the village where he was born in 1968. He lived there until age 12 when he was taken as houseboy by a couple presenting themselves as benevolent people wanting to rescue him from the poverty of his father's village household. In Kampala there was the promise of education and a better life.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. These people were looking for a human sacrifice for their demons through a witch doctor. He was burned severely and left for dead. The next day the lady came to check on him and he was still alive. She said she would come back the next day and if he was still alive, she would take him to the hospital. He then spent most of a year being treated for his burns. It was during this period that someone shared the gospel with him and he became a believer. To this day, George bares the scars of this event and it affects how he walks.

Once he got out of the hospital, he lived in Kampala, received an education and until 2008 operated his own electrical supply business. The worldwide economy collapse in that year, put an end to many businesses around the world, including George's.

In 1992 George felt the call of God to begin ministry in his home village but he did very little about it, but it stayed in the back of his mind along with the history he had there. That is his own experience as a young boy, and during the civil war in the 1980s, his brother was force to dig his own grave before being shot. He has two sisters who died of AIDS buried in the area. Yet, in April of 2004 the call of God came back and he sensed God saying, "have you refused to go for me and tell my people to repent?" He then committed himself to go and work for God in this community and start a church there. The Lord has proven He was the One saying "GO," by saving many, giving them hope and life again. On his family land, he built the church building above for the growing church.

In 2007, a mutual friend (Edward Sebbunza - an electrician and an Elder in his church) asked Bob Hayes if he would go preach at the village church. As folks often say, "the rest is history." George, Edward, and Bob became very good friends and now Bob has returned to the village many, many times and continues to go back at least twice each year

It was on one such visit to Kyamagemule, that George expressed a need to start a Christian school for the village. It is difficult to motivate parents, with no education, to pay school fees for their children to receive and education and the area is very poor. While Bob thought the idea was wonderful, he could not envision how it could succeed without God's help.

George continued to pray as did Bob. In early December of 2007, a member of Bob's church in Florida asked Bob to have lunch with him. During that lunch, the gentleman stated that he and his wife had everything in the world they needed, so they agreed to not give each other anything for Christmas, but instead, handed Bob a check for $2,000 to use on some special projects in Uganda.

Suddenly, George's vision for a school gained a little focus. In January 2008 Bob went to Uganda and gave George $1,000 of the gift. The building below was dedicated to God's glory in December and school began in January 2009 . If you look to the left of the building, you will see the students in red uniforms.

While there were not enough funds to put a totally new roof on the building, there were sufficient funds for four classrooms. Doors and windows came later.

Over time, others visited Uganda and Kyamgemule and what had become "Covenant Junior School," and these visitors went back home and shared the vision and more and more funds began to come in. Soon additional classrooms, a school office, a large meeting room, a kitchen and faculty housing followed. All to God's glory! Google Earth View Today.

Some construction funds are still needed but even more so is the need for Tuition Sponsorship Funds.

More Photographs from Kyamagemule

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