Kalangalo Trading Center

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I first went to this area in 2007 with Pastor George Yawe and his Elder friend Edward, an electicians by trade, to preach at the church they were buidling at Kyamagemule. En route to Kyamagemule, we passed through the small trading center of Kalangalo. I found it interesting that my first mission venue in Uganda in 1992 was to Kalangala in the Sesse Islands in Lake Victoria.

George Yawe was born in Kyamagemule and was taken from the area as a young boy, supposedly so he could have a better education and therefore a better chance a life. In fact, the folks who took him had in mind to offer him as a child sacrfice. I hope to have his written testimony added to this site soon.

The poster to the left is part of the advertizing he did for a crusade we held in 2008 in Kalangalo trading center.

A chance photo

On our way back from Kyamagamule to Kampala, we passed through one small town and found the Vice President of Uganda meeting with citizens of the district.

We stopped and greeted him and he allowed us to take this photograph of the two of us.

Bob & Ugandan Vice President
Dr. Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya

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