Contico Deluxe Trunk Locker with Wheels

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If this wheeled model is not available at your local WalMart, order at WalMart.Com and it will be shipped to your local WalMart for pickup. The product is also available through The Container Store

The handle on this product does not stand up well to airline baggage handlers and our last team had one completely snatched lose on one side. The newest model I have ordered doesn't even have a handle. It requires two hands to lift it what is probably much better anyway. I request the agent at the check-in counter remove all the backing from the bag tag and then stick the tag full length on the top of the footlocker as per below. The actual direction it is placed in does not matter. However in this photograph, you see the top of the locker has a two raise ridges on each side and one in the middle. This particular tag is between two of these ridges giving it some protection when other bags slid on top of the locker. Also, these tags have several small tags with the relevant number information on them. Ask the agent to peel one of these off and stick it elsewhere on the top (see left side below) for just one more line of protection. Note also, I have looped the tag with my name and address through the bottom hole provided for a lock, rather than the handle and I also put a full sheet of paper on the inside with all my contact information in the USA and in Uganda. I have left nearly a dozen of these lockers in Uganda with friends who use them in all kinds of ways.