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ACTI is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization and all gifts are deductible when filing US Federal Income Taxes. Please note the ACTI financial integrity statement below.

Africa Christian Training Institute
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ACTI Financial Integrity & Accountability
From time to time we are asked "Why isn’t ACTI a member of ECFA® or some other such financial accountability organization?" ACTI is a Word and Deed Ministry begun in the years after a 1983 ministry trip to Uganda by Dr. Henry Krabbendam. Over the years ACTI has expanded it's vision to other African countries and even other continents as our team members receive invitations. ACTI is an enabling agency and not a sending agency. We are a recognized 501(c)(3) organization here in the United States. Our Federal ID # is 62-1722203. We are also a registered NGO (non-governmental organization) recognized by the government of Uganda (NGO Certificate # 5914/3202)

For over two decades, our books are kept by a succession of volunteers CPAs. They have told us the cost of being part of one of these groups would outweigh the benefit. These organization require a full audit each year that costs several thousand dollars but would produce no real benefit for ACTI for the for following reasons:

  • Virtually 100% of the funds we receive are designated and just past through ACTI. The donors know the team members and/or projected they are supporting and communicate to them that funds are on the way. Any donor who got word that the funds they gave did reach its intended designation, would quickly contact us to find out why
  • Most all of our donors are repeat donors who have developed confidence in ACTI as a faithful and trustworthy ministry
  • We are not a big organization that makes mass appeals for unrestricted funds, but a small group of men (and some ladies) who work together and know each other and what each other is doing and this provides a check and a balance and the donations we generate are for teams and projects our folks are involved in
  • The funds we raise are almost always raised from friends, family, and churches
  • Our team members always report back to the donors following a ministry
  • Funds wired to Uganda are handled by two of our staff and this ensures that no single person has access to funds without the knowledge of others
  • We simply do not have a bucket of funds sitting around with no strings attached
  • All functions of ACTI in the United States are handled by volunteers and our officers serve without remuneration and pay their own expenses to the annual ACTI board meeting. The only costs to ACTI in the US is for bank wire fees, a small amount of postage, and legal fees to maintain non-profit tax status. Therefore, over our history, ACTI has used over 99% of the dollars we have received in ministry in Uganda. If we had to pay several thousand dollars for an audit, those dollars would directly reduce the funds used in ministry, maybe by as much as 10%

Our chain of funding:

  • Donors respond to a direct appeal for a specific team or project
  • ACTI notifies donor of receipt of funds and wires them to Uganda
  • ACTI also notifies the recipient that funds are on the way to them
  • Two staffers in Uganda handle funds upon arrival and distributes them to recipients
  • Recipients acknowledge by email they have received the funds, noting the exchange rate from dollars to shillings
  • Recipients acknowledge to the donor the funds have been received

Africa Christian Training Institute

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