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Not aliens, not strangers, residents in the holy grand
Away from adorned robs now reincarnated in executive out fits
Broad faced, benevolent smiles, gestures of sympathy unrolling honors round them
As the threads of their skin glitters in a respected façade.

Justification is wrappped in serene wisdom
So hard to fathom the far of their unfurling furtiveness
They conceal, burry deep own filth but trumpet others splodges.
Between their lips and limbs hangs contrast
And their coalition calls callous collusion.

Started in spirit now superior,
In exposition now in experience in Holiness now in hole-ness.
As legality leaps off Grace, the weak are warped and waned,
The humiliated lose humility for humanity and divinity.
No longer can sacred sacraments scale down sacrilege
Autonomy under the steeple usurp the husbandman’ rights.

The purity of Golden lamp will melt the beauty of Canaanism,
crush to powder The porcelain fangs,
mash them to manure for the predestinate to grow to glorification.
If master broke no bruised read, snuffed out no smoldering wick
Then, Be aware! You vamps in white
The high rich splendid and merciful heavens are watching.

By Henry Samuel Mello
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