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What is the color of your tongue? I demand to know
Tell me, what is the taste of your mouth? You imprudent!
You have violated norms, tuned life phony, love and joy a dull iceberg.
You cause those in the morning of their life never to see its evening,
Grandma withered breasts to nestle, old man's cold faint heart to father.
Worse than primitive slavery, you raid homesteads to nearby grave yard

Though beneath my dignity, I hiss with anger and turn off not my wrath
For you hide besides trail, listen to my steps fall into razor edged snares,
You stealthily sneak in at sweet moments only to puff health to dust.
In midst of pain and shame, you seize many to a corrosive corridor.
Because you've pushed me round with your dirty wicked hand, be cursed to
Remain minute even after eating away my flesh, my happiness, my ability.

Send new mercies! oh heavens, wail now cast a dark cloud over our hope.
Abundantly bless the Samaritan horse lest there would be no tongue to plea.
Descend thy power from throne of justice to arrest my assailant and grant
Him no bail for he has Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Am blind to beauty, suffocate desires, my history appears flimsy.
Good death is gone, when you live beyond life, now life leaves before you.

Lots are said, but not lots are known of you.
You thwart Africa's cardinal ambition, your clout quakes her wallet.
You have drained this island of her finest brains to shape, strong hands to mold,
And you've hatched a perverted breed that shall forever recite help-me creed.
If wisdom out weighs understanding by mature judgment that comes by age,
Then, it will turn to be the worlds most rare and precious treasure.

Arise! you global villagers, summon all mankind east and west to
Stand back to back glue together hand, heads and leave no apocryphal space
Destruction and misery have refined our courage to touch the crux.
Be not daunted, determine to plug the butcher's own sword into his own heart.
You death termite! you roll rumble of thunder across the planet, but remember,
We have peeled eyes, solid as a mountain, ready to up root your evil plot.

By Henry Samuel Mello
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