On Reverent Night

Copyright 2012 Sleep lost her job and darkness fainted
Joy kissed all streets lit by luminous hope
Fireworks works in the sky in a man-nature show
As dancing by the moonlight radiated beautiful vibes.

The matching guards marched the march
Paced by sweet music nodding in agreement with rhythm.
The blaring drums, pitched percussions and the great cheering
Sketched and spiced the great magnitude of victory.

Waiting and waiting not tired by waiting,
Comes a waited moment, to lower! And to rise!!
All Standing still to receive a new born wrapped in an anthem
Road testing on road of self owning.

Honor and glory of the sovereignty showered
Embracing the full bloom of her blossom on continent
Where she poised in well chosen plumage gesturing development.
Unity, ran through every vein handing out free dreams of golden destiny
This reverent night, a night that no morning will ever break.

By Henry Samuel Mello
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