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Am all cracked, clothed in condemned looks
thoughts gone sour, fatty heart now bony.
Bad wind blows through my head and sound judgment
squeezes through confusion to save me from madness.
The grudge inside me erodes away self, wine takes on water taste,
surely, I have lost the harmony of my mouth.

As evening darkens to night, emotions drive into agony
sweet memories get bitter and scare off sleep.
When picture gets nearer and clearer, it erupts into a huge
storm that leaves my roots bare, crush happiness
and leaves me crawling on knees.
Pain flows from where pardon would come.

I remember the high beams, I remember the sweet smell,
the whispering, I remember, I remember, I remember…
The one who scratched my itching heart now rides on
thin air that fades with distance in horizons
Gone! I must say gone and gone forever

I cast for comfort, push history beneath carpet to let by gones be
but all sticks through my back where my hands do not wash
the feeling of immortal beauty stings me like a bad rush
death can not kill shame and loneliness that halts me.
No matter how much I wet the dry combs of my heart,
it brings no healing, So, help me! Forget you.

By Henry Samuel Mello
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