Copyright 2009

Dark smoke fumes, blinded the sun above,
Shaking down architectural glamour to irredeemable smithereens.
The invincible death shadow silhouetting against blazing horizon
Beyond which evil hid, yawning for innocent blood
To defile the heaven given principal "live and let live"

Let nights come and go, as days multiply to countless,
The hurting will never wither, fade or die.
Our faces carry evocative paths of scalding tears,
Emotions bulge with quest and demand as we languish in this heinous episode.
Memories of virtues of love, selflessness, boldness, bravely and commitment
Will always be our source of hope, comfort, strength and inspiration.

Vengeance is alien to my hands but the embolden red ants of
Justice will crash your teeth and walls raised by cost of crime.
Mr. Stalker! Normality in midst of abnormality is abnormality
So, you will never ever find any green wild bush to hide!

By Henry Samuel Mello
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