A Breath and Bread Giver's Home
Copyright 2009

Hewed from huge golden block,
Eminently shaped, infinity its frontier.
Colorful linen of clouds give shade and texture to her walls,
Justice, purity, a capstone upon which she rests.
Thunderstorms blend down to an orchestral score,
A minute in this dreamland curtains down soaring sores of life.

A glimpse of architectural design swoons most inner self
The sacred silence sing harmonized echoes,
To give feet a rhythm on the star lit streets.
Jam, noise, pollution, ghettoes are all alien and
Immaculate citizen are a dressed in a sweet effulgent persona

As no vaunted knowledge penetrates vaulted privacy,
No ingenuity prevails over the gates.
The white snow mayoralty glory not time bracketed,
His word erodes mountains, laughter cracks rock, wrath will ..
Surely, a home of giver of breath and bread.

With the braced eye on the backyard barbecue,
You see abyss despair and poignant laments
As the fireman tongs hold big lambs of souls
And all other adds and sods of the kingdom
From the scuttle to the ragging infernos.

In pavilion, you receive a gentle cool breeze of paeans,
The swaying of idiosyncratic worship rolling whenever, wherever
The fresh springs meanders down the ridge of green hills,
The assorted beauty of lilies on the riverside that flames out in the evening
Makes me an ardent admirer.

By Henry Samuel Mello
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