A Boundless Kingdom
© Copyright 2008

Shalom! In the boundless yet bond-full kingdom.
All kingpins spring round the crown
suckling of whom flourishes to a golden foliage.
Empowered, emboldened, embellished not engulfed
but engrossed in history that embroiders the frontiers.

In brotherís vault, elders chew over past,
rack mental to level present and knit posterity span.
From assorted threads of wisdom, they weave grandeur
as they calibrate potentials to fly the clanís flag on high.
Union, jack up metallic success of every household,
wrap the darkness of poverty, ignorance, disease in shroud
and gathers glamour of the gleaming scepter to greatness.

The dazzling talent affiliates ebullience,
fuse ethnic fissure and heap health.
Come on! Boundless Kingdom till kingdom come.
Gnaw away and waylay all shades of crime, sweat over not to let
Achillesí heel fester nor slack hand to let the familyís name rot.
So, apply and amplify a prior of Empireís Umpire.

By Henry Samuel Mello
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