The Black Jewel
Copyright 2009

A white shining jewel in black continent,
A motherland , fabulously dressed in an elegant adventure,
A hostess to all shades of life, a nature- gifted village,
A home whose rich aroma hinges on fine cultural foundations.

From her womb, gently meanders a great river
The Nile, a fountain of civilization, a source of black man's history.
In reserved cottages, life is not wild! But just a wide wild life.
The cool breeze in the living room blows from shores
Covering her with a green temperate blanket.

When the beauty of landscapes get rolling, you admire the
The magnificent scenery as she takes her breath from both hemispheres.
The substance of faith and serenity is boldly depicted on her badge,
And the mixture of come rain, come shine broadens variety in the food basket.
In her bosom rides a colorful birdlife as aquatics keep surfing.

In artistic carving of her boundary, she owns well baked, well bred
Receptive, accommodating and peaceful people.
The gender agenda generates generosity and on the
Eagle's wings fly the freedom of worship, speech and expression.
On the precious ground she sits, in her pleated skirts rests the virgin oil wells.

Brethren, rekindle the zeal to roll away the shadow of crime
And free our blood the garbage of corruption.
Subject to all winds of criticism
And overstep not differences to give understanding a new footing.
Remember, when democracy hangs in golden frame, power is shared on silver plate.

By Henry Samuel Mello
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