Missionary Sharing Tips

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In order to keep the missionary sharing times from becoming repetitive, establish some basic content expectations for each time they share. This should not be seen as unalterably rigid, just a guide. This sequence should be provided to the missionary well in advance of the conference with a maximum time limit. Below is an example of how to diversify the sharing times in a typical Friday through Sunday conference:

  • Friday
    • Share some details about yourself and your family
    • Tell where you serve and in what capacity
    • Share personal testimony and how God called you to missions
    • Share your favorite verse of Scripture and what it means to you
    • Include a challenge to others to conisder how they fit in the missions picture (e.g. praying, giving, going, encouraging, etc.)
  • Saturday Men's Breakfast or Ladies Luncheon
    • Share about your field of service (culture, climate, people, etc.)
    • Some valuable lessons you have learned recently
    • Issue for prayer (both petitions and praise)
    • A Scripture text you recently used and how it was effective
  • Home Meeting
    • Brief summary of your ministry
    • A testimony or two from the field
    • Be prepared for an open forum as questions are asked
  • Sunday School
    • Here there is great flexibility depending on whether you move missionaries from class to class or leave them in one class for the entire period. Generally it is best to move them among children's classes about every 15 minutes
    • Adult classes can either rotate or have one speaker for the entire class.
  • Morning Worship
    • Here I suggest one or two missionaries have 5 minutes each to share a quick overview with most likely the largest crowd of the confernece.
    • If you have a large number of missionaries, you need to work at making sure they get fairly equal opportunitie to share.
    • The missions literature says you should bring in a big name main speaker for the conference and espeically to preach on the Lord's Day. We have done that and it worked well. We have also used one of our missionaries to preach and it has worked very well for us.
  • Evening Worship
    • Our typical evening missions conference program is very similar to what we do in the morning
    • We typically close with a Finger Food Fellowship following the evening service which always proves to a good ending. I would suggest at the end of the service you dismiss the missionaries to the fellowship hall first so they can go through the line. Otherwise, they get stopped along the way and never get a snack.

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