Proper Ladies Attire in Public & Ministry

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Some Ugandan women in Kampala wear slacks but outside Kampala, this is very rare and considered to be only by loose women. Therefore, to avoid offending our Ugandan friends, we encourage the ladies on our teams to wear dresses when in public. Pictured below is one of our teams and also a Ugandan couple with the lady wearing a traditional outfit. See also Clothing for a discussion of proper clothing for travel, for ministry, and for leisure.

Pictured are: Katie Rowell, Dabney Hayes, Bob Hayes, Kefa Sempangi (author of A Distant Grief), Bob Haley, and Linda Price. It should be noted that on the day this photo was taken, it was only by coincidence that all the ladies were wearing blue denim. Any long dress will do.

Pictured are Edith & Christopher Mwesigye of Fort Portal.

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