Ministry Plan, 2015 Uganda Trip
From a student's point of view
Sharing in Schools

  1. Bring greetings from students in USA
  2. Show map of world, locate home state and Uganda
  3. Describe what it is like to be a student in US
  4. Share personal testimony and how Christ makes a difference to you
  5. Challenge those listening to trust Christ

Sharing One-on-One (person of near same age)

  1. Talk about your family and theirs (have some photographs of your family)
  2. Share why you have come to Uganda
  3. Share your personal testimony
  4. If person is a believer, determine if they are growing in Christ
  5. Share with them things you do (daily Bible study, prayer, witnessing, etc.)
  6. If person is not a Christian, challenge them to trust Christ

Sharing One-on-One (with an adult)

  1. Ask person to tell you something about his/her life in Uganda
  2. Share favorable comments about Uganda and why you are there
  3. Ask them about their faith (or lack there of)
  4. Share your personal testimony with them and include your daily walk with Christ
  5. Challenge them to follow Christ

Sharing in Sunday School

  1. Bring greetings from your home church and Sunday School class
  2. Talk about the importance of Sunday School in your Christian life
  3. Share a Bible lesson
  4. Share your personal testimony and relate it to the lesson
  5. Challenge students to faithfully follow Christ

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