How to Prepare and Mail International Economy Parcel Post to Uganda
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Cardboard (Corrugated) Box
Postal regulations specify a box with a girth no greater than 79 inches (length, plus width, plus height, with no side exceeding 42 inches). The reality is a box with a girth of 79 inches will hold well over sixty pounds of clothes but the maximum weight is 44 pounds. Since postage is incremental, I recommend getting a box with about a 59 inch girth. A "Singlewall" corrugated box can be used, but "Doublewall" is preferred.

Line the box interior with a heavy duty plastic garbage bag (helps keep items clean and dry). Carefully layer the items to be packed and make certain metal objects (buckles, zippers, etc.) will not puncture the box. Put one copy of the address sheet on top of the packed items, seal the garbage bag and then place a second copy of the address sheet on top of the garbage bag and then seal the box.

Create a label on the top half of a standard sheet of paper (sample) and then hold the completed custom form (see below) on the bottom half and make three photocopies. Keep one for your records, the other two are placed in the box as mentioned above. Then fold under the blank half of the original and place it on the lower right hand corner of the box and cover it with several strips of clear 2 inch mailing tape. The tape holds the label in place and protects it too.

You should first seal the box flaps with 2 inch clear mailing tape. Then seal with wrappings about six inches apart (on all sides) with 1 inch or larger filament (strapping) tape. (see sample)

Up to
Up to
5 $26.26 25 67.75
6 28.75 26 69.65
7 31.00 27 71.55
8 32.25 28 73.45
9 35.50 29 75.35
10 37.75 30 77.25
11 39.80 31 79.00
12 41.85 32 80.75
13 43.90 33 82.50
14 45.95 34 84.25
15 48.00 35 86.00
16 50.05 36 87.75
17 52.10 37 89.50
18 54.15 38 91.25
19 56.20 39 91.25
20 58.25 40 94.75
21 60.15 41 96.50
22 62.05 42 98.25
23 63.95 43 100.00
24 65.85 44 101.75

Customs Form
Sections of PS Form 2976-A, (dated Nov 1996 or later) must be completed by the mailer (sample) and then validated by a postal clerk who will then place it in a self-adhesive plastic envelope (provided by the Post Office) and then attached to the lower left hand corner of the box.