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Gift Books
In 1992 on my first trip to Uganda I was really unprepared with respect to resources. On several occasions I wished that I had my trusty one volume Matthew Henry Commentary with me for quick reference. On my second trip I corrected this mistake and packed Mr. Henry and off to Uganda we went. When I was preparing to return to the United States, it occurred to me that many of the pastors I had been working with owned few if any books or Bible study aids. In fact, most only had a "text only" version of the Bible. So I left my Matthew Henry with a pastor and would get me a new one.

About three months after I got home, I received a letter from this pastor. It was the most thoughtful, heart warming thank-you letter I had ever received. He said apart from the Scriptures themselves, it was the most wonderful gift he had ever received. People had commented on the improvement of his preaching and the depth of application of the Word. He spoke of spending an hour each day reading Matthew Henry for his own Spiritual nourishment as he poured over the comments on the Scriptures this great man of God had left as a legacy.

Well you can imagine what that did for me. Books for Uganda became a priority. I now make sure that no one who goes with me to Uganda goes without some books and Bibles for give away. The following is nothing more than a suggestion of some books that have been found to be very helpful. While I would love to provide every Ugandan pastor with a complete library, that is just not practical due to so many men needing books and such limited shipping weight (two seventy pound bags plus one thirteen pound carry on)when traveling by air. But then the purpose is to give as many Ugandan pastors as possible some basic tools with which to work.

I have given most of the books below a link to where you can quite often find used copies at significant savings and the used version are fine to take.

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Theological Materials

  • The Christ of the Covenants by O. Palmer Robertson, (soft-cover from GCB order # 03P&RROBERTSO1) at $7.99 plus S&H.
  • Christianity, Cults, & Religions a 12 page fould out from Rose Publishing production and available from the Internatinal Bible Society, which compares and contrasts Biblical Christianity with seventeen cults.
  • Manual of Christian Doctrine by Louis Berkhof, (Soft-cover from Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.) ISBN 0-8028-1647-9. An excellent summary of the major doctrines of the Christian Faith.
  • The Shorter Catechism with Scripture Proofs, (Soft-cover from Banner of Truth Trust) ISBN 0-85151-265-8. The Westminster Shorter Catechism with Scripture proof texts printed below each question and answer.

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  • Where There is No Doctor, by David Werner. (soft-cover $15.00 from HealthWright) This is an excellent book for medical people to leave with those in remote area.

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Book Sources

American Bible Society
P O Box 5656
New York, NY 10164-2904
212-408-8765 fax

Bible Society of Uganda
PO Box 3621
Kampala, Uganda
256-041-251-165 (or 66 or 67)

Banner of Truth Trust
P O Box 621
Carlisle, PA 17013-0621

Great Christian Books
P O Box 8000
Elkton, MD 21922-8000
800-291-6341 fax

964 Hamilton Avenue
P O Box 1344
Palo Alto, CA 94302
650-325-1080 fax

International Bible Society
P O Box 35700
Colorado Springs CO 80935-3570
719-488-0870 fax

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