School of Evangelism

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The School of Evangelism is usually conducted twice each year. Once in May - June setting and the other in early December. Special arrangements can be made for groups that plan to be in Uganda at other times. Email Dr. Krabbendam with complete details. The starting and ending dates are flexible, depending upon the participants. It usually runs about four weeks with early and late returns to the US permissible. The daily schedule for the first week is as follows:

  • One Hour of Prayer
  • Breakfast
  • Three Hours Instruction in Evangelism
  • Lunch
  • Outreach (between 3 & 4 hours)
  • Dinner
  • Evening prayer
  • Personal time and lights out

The remaining weeks are outreach morning and afternoon through local churches and pastors.

The first week usually takes place in a Ugandan setting with up to a thousand local participants who flood their community in the afternoons with the Gospel. During the second through fourth weeks the American students are placed in local Churches where they work together with Ugandan pastors and members evangelize the local population which invariably is very open to the Gospel. Even Muslims and Animists have responded.

The School of Evangelism is held several times each year. To learn more, find specific dates, or even sign-up, email Dr Krabbendam.

Objectives and Guidelines of the School of Evangelism:

  1. The explicit objective of the ACTI for all Participants is TWO-fold: First, they are invited to "empty their spiritual suitcases" by leaving behind what God has taught them in the USA for the advance of the Kingdom in Uganda. Second, they are urged even more to fill their "empty suitcases" with what God has taught the Ugandan Church to maximize their ministries for the advance of the Kingdom in the USA. In a statement of an American pastor, most Americans on Missions Abroad go by the motto, "We come to you and we come to do" It rarely dawns on them that in all humility, we equally, or not more so, come to receive. In a "100%" successful Mission Trip we arrive like "Dried Raisins" to release our "Solid Meat" of the Word and depart like "Juicy Grapes," full of the Power of the Holy Spirit. To that end the ACTI is committed to place participants in situations that accommodate both, Ignorance about the wealth that can be gleaned from an "abundant culture" where revival was a relatively recent phenomenon is a deficiency. Denial of such wealth is a deception. Refusal to tap this wealth is a delinquency. An abundant culture can legitimately ask representatives of an anemic one why they do (and how they dare to) show up, since they were patently unable to sanitize their own culture. Only a humble acknowledgement of this fact can result in a "hearty welcome," since such acknowledgment is indispensable as the condition as well as foundation for a reciprocal partnership

  2. The ACTI is not interested in money, but rather in people so that they can return to their own culture and make a real difference. As a result the ACTI has (sometimes heavily) subsidized many folks in the past, such as students who could not raise sufficient funds. At the same time, the more funds we have at our disposal, the more extensive the ministry can be, such as larger numbers in Conferences, Seminars or Schools of Evangelism. To accommodate both concerns the ACTI has established "target" fees over the last two decades that have worked out very well. These fees cover Airline travel into Uganda, lodging, food, travel, logistics, and ministry in Uganda, that is, they cover everything, except immunizations and a $50 visa fee to be paid by each person individually upon arrival in Entebbe Airport. The usual fees are $2,500 for a typical 10-12 day mission, $3,500 for a 20-24 day mission and $3,000 for a time period in between the two. Those who cannot raise the target are welcome anyway, provided we are in the position to subsidize them. Those who raise the target fee or (frequently) more are equally welcome to expand our ministries. (The ACTI has been invited to accommodate 100,000 "students" in its Schools of Evangelism over a five to ten year period). Virtually from its very inception, the ACTI determined not to charge any percentage for administration. All the ACTI facilitators donate their time and energy so that all funds for Africa (Uganda) end up in Africa (Uganda).

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