Comeptent East African Medical Facilities

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Quite often I am asked if there are competent medical facilities in Uganda. In the city of Kampala, there is now available basic medical care from western or western trained doctors. Our contacts in Uganda keeps abreast of all that is available. However, there is no equivalent of 911 so it is most helpful for a team to know basic first aid as travel back to Kampala could take several hours. This is why medical evacuation insurance is important. Below is information about two medical facilities in Kenya, and again the reason medical evacuation coverage is important.

The item below is the text of an email that was in response to questions concerning medical treatment. One of the parties in the email was gracious enough to copy it to me for posting here.

There is world-class medical and surgical care available in Kenya, at a fraction of the cost in the West. A person can come to Kijabe Hospital, and have a board-certified surgeon from the US or UK perform abdominal surgery for a total cost between one and two thousand dollars. Hospitals like Aga Khan or Nairobi Hospital can do the same, at two or three times the Kijabe cost, while providing first-class accommodations. I am unfamiliar with Ugandan health care, but I do know that in Kampala a person can see a competent gastroenterologist.

My advise will be to go to Kenya either at Kajiba Hospital, one of the best mission hospitals in the region. Their doctors are Americans who are among the best even here in the US. If not, it will be good to go to Tenwek Hospital in Tenwek, a mission hospital belonging to Africa Gospel Church and supported by World Gospel Missions. I know many people who have had excellent medical care in these two hospitals at a cheaper price.

For a regular hospital, Nairobi Hospital is one of the best but very expensive and their doctors may not be as efficient as those in the missions hospital.

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