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The work of Bob Hayes & ACTI is "Word and deed ministry" which simply means our primary focus is the ministry of the Word (evangelism and discipleship), but always coupled with the ministry of mercy (deeds). Below are a list of our ongoing ministry of mercy projects that you can join us in. Some are small (but nonetheless meaningful) and can be accomplished by an individual, a family, or a Sunday school class or other small groups. Others are extensive and require significant participation. Even these become easy when many join in the project. Please prayerfully consider helping us. Listed below are also some particular projects that have a more defined time limit on their completion.

From time to time, a specific team or ministries very well may generate special projects for their trip. Such projects will generally be made known by email from the team to their support and prayer lists.

Supporting a Project
Please make clear which project you wish to help with and we will not only acknowledge you gift, but provide you with a photo report when the project is completed. These items are always distributed in the context of Christian ministry. ACTI is recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt organizations and gifts for such projects receive acknowledgement for tax purpose. We do not deduct any administrative fees from funds designated for projects. 100% of what is given, goes to the project. Support for any of these projects should be sent to:

Name of project
Africa Christian Training Institute
P O Box 15621
Panama City FL 32406-5621

Particular Projects - follow the links below for complete details.

Leonard Isodo - 76 Year old motorcycle riding evangelist and radio speaker.
George William Yawe - Village Pastor, Kyamagemule, Mityani District

Ongoing Projects - follow the links below for complete details.

Student School Fees - helps supports students and schools in rural areas. Read Want to change the world? Sponsor a child!
Bulk Food Item for orphanages and schools
Prison Ministry and Prison Bibles - A ministry to prisoners
Bibles in native languages - varies with tribal languages
Light a Hut - solar lights with cellular phone charger
Android Phones - for theological education in remote villages
Christmas Food Baskets -for poor and impoverished families
Safe Water Borehole - fund to drill deep wells
School Desks - Desks for village schools
Mosquito Nets - Inexpensive way to reduce malaria
Wound Care Kit - very basic first aid supplies
Vitamins - as a supplement to low quality meals
Toothpaste & brushes - Available in Uganda, best to give funds
Eye Glasses - old prescription glasses and/or reading glasses
Family Farm Items - Piglets, goats, and seeds
Shoes - for children & teens, but not flip-flops
Five Good Books - five key resources for village pastors

If you are part of an upcoming team to Uganda and would like to include one or more of these projects in your ministry, I will be happy to provide you with contact information where you can get the best prices on most of these items in Uganda. Just contact me by email.

Completed Projects - follow the links below for complete details.

No listings yet.

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