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Uganda Mission Reprint and Reuse Policy

We believe the material posted on Uganda Mission Net is consistent with historic evangelical Christianity and faithful to the Scriptures as the only infallible rule for faith and life. Therefore we see our materials as practically applying God’s truth and simply doing things "decently and in order." It is our goal to see the materials on this site used far and wide for the glory of God and the work of the gospel.

Therefore, you are welcomed and encouraged to use these materials as needed in a manner that is consistent with the goal of glorifying God and spreading the gospel.

We do ask the following be observed:

  1. You credit as the source of the material whether it be just a few lines or an entire section
  2. If you cut & paste a section of our material into your own document, please clearly indicate what part of your document was copied from this site
  3. If you take something and modify it for your particular use, please state something like "The basic concept in this document came from but has been modified for our specific purposes and use"
  4. Do not charge a fee beyond the actual cost of reproduction and any postage
  5. If you need more than fifty copies of anything, please contact us by email or at Uganda Mission, P O Box 15621, Panama City FL 32406-5621, or by facsimile at 631-964-1049 (a USA number)

As always, I would greatly appreciate your feedback "via email

My web page philosophy is simple. When I visit a web site I am looking for information and not a lot of bells, whistles, and slow loading graphic demonstrations.

Therefore, my web site is simple, straight forward and avoids special effects designed to look cool, but add nothing to the information content.

If you would like to link to this site, feel free to do so. I do not change the URLs every time the sun comes up like some sites, so if you establish a good link to a page on it should remain valid.

I do appreciate your visiting this site and I trust it is helpful to you.

Some Additional observations:
Several years ago I spent hours working on a particular web page and got it to where it was just perfect. I was really proud of it. Everything was just like I wanted. Various font sizes, colors, tables, even a couple of simple graphics were just outstanding.

A few days later I was visiting a friend and wanted to show off my work. We pulled my page up on his computer and I was very disappointed. I learned that no matter how a web page looks on one machine, how it looks on another is not controlled by the designer, but by the variable settings a person selects for the font size on their monitor, the web browser they use and how it is configured.

All of which is to say that in the final analysis, a web designer can only control a limited amount of how things look to the individual viewer. Please keep this in mind.

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