6 Months to Uganda - Preparation Time Line and Check List
Only immunizations, funding goals, Passport and Entrance Visa are time sensative, complete other items as convenient
Some team members may have already done some of the items listed so they are no applicable to them.
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Time Line Need
Initial decision period Read through Website . Especially Prayer, Travel, Ministry, Health, and Financial
Prayer . Commit to personally pray daily for this ministry and your part in it
Discuss health issues of trip with your doctor . Read health section of site, make a list of questions to ask your doctor based on your health history, travel to the third world, and suggested immunizations
Endorsement . Write letter to the governing body of your local church, explaining what you pray God will do through this trip and prayerfully ask for their endorsement and prayer
Contact Team Leader . Make an ACTI Team Leader aware you are committed to go to Uganda
6 months before trip Prayer & Financial Support . Receive ACTI endorsement letter and "Securing Support Tips" from Team Leader
. Compile mailing list of potential prayer partners and financial supporters and compose a letter requesting prayer and financial support for the trip
Immunizations . Need PHS-731 International Certificate of Vaccination
. 1st Hepatitis B injection
International Airline Reservations . Team Leader usually handles this. It must be done through a travel agent, the Airlines do not allow for this on their websites. Generally, it costs nothing, can be canceled at will, but assures you a seat at good price. Typically must be paid in full one month before trip. (Full name as it appears on your passport, address, and phone number are required. FYI James Robert Smith & James R. Smith are NOT a match for TSA)
5 months before trip Prayer & Financial Support . Mail letters to potential prayer partners and supporters
Immunizations . 2nd Hepatitis B injection
. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (if needed)
Overseas Health Insurance . Determine via your health insurance carrier if your coverage is valid overseas {1}
Ministry in Uganda . Write first draft of personal testimony, "How To" helps under Ministry
. Prepare Ministry Plan
4 months before trip Prayer & Financial Support . Mail thank you notes to those who have responded to previous mailing
. Begin mailing list of supporters for special mailing 10 days before departure
. First financial objective is $750
Immunizations . Yellow Fever injection at approved Clinic (probably your local Health Department)
Personal Items List . Begin with the Travel Check List, add items you need/wish to take with you as they come to mind and begin to gather these items for packing.
Ministry in Uganda . Based on Ministry Plan start to compile materials for Ministry
US Passport . Complete form DSP-11 at main Post Office for first time passport, renewal by mail
3 months before trip Prayer & Financial Support . Mail thank you notes to those who have responded since last month
. Continue list of prayer supporters for special mailing 10 days before departure
. Financial objective at this point is $1,500
Immunizations . Menignococcal injection
. Tetanus/Dipptheria injection
Duffle Bags . Get 2 duffle bags (military or sporting style) from a military friend, a sporting goods store or catalog
2 months before trip Prayer & Financial Support . Continue thank you notes, add to mailing list, write first draft of trip departure letter
. Financial objective is $2,750 (if behind, send letters to other potential supporters)
Immunizations . 1st Hepatitis A injection
Mosquito Netting & Deet . Get a mosquito net and Deet (camping supply catalog) Some venues provide nets, check to make sure
Benevolent Gifts . Select benevolent gifts to take (children's clothes, medications, Bibles, books, etc) and ask your church to help gather these items) about 45 pounds is your limit
Cheap "carry on" bag . Discount center, etc. (size and weight limits on this site)
Walking . Begin walking program that works up to at least 2 miles per day, 4 days per week
30 Days before trip Prayer & Financial Support . Continue thank you notes, add to mailing list, write final draft of trip departure letter
. Trip cost and goal is $3,500 (send low key reminder to any who pledged to support but have not yet responded, reminding them you are leaving in 30 days)
Immunizations . 2nd Hepatitis A injection
. Polio IPOL injection
Purchase Airline Tickets . Team Leader handles this (This is the last chance to cancel participation in the trip without significant financial penalty that comes after the tickets are purchased)
Uganda Entrance Visa . 2 choices: 1. Ugandan Embassy in Washington or 2. Upon arrival at Entebbe Airport
Overseas Travel Insurance . Secure insurance for overseas tavel, team leader should handle for the entire team
20 Days before trip Prayer . Address and stamp envelopes of prayer supporters, finalize departure letter and daily schedule for the trip, photo copy and stuff envelopes
Immunizations . 3rd Hepatitis B injection (six months after first injection)
Pack for trip . Begin packing (2 bags - 50 pounds each, about 35 pounds for self, 45 pounds for ministry)
10 Days before trip Prayer . Mail departure letter to all who have given financially or pledged prayer support. Include a general "Thank You," a daily prayer guide and ministry schedule (Team leader will provide samples from the past and a ministry schedule for this trip)
Immunizations . Vivotif Berna Oral Capsule (4 pills over 8 days) 1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ]
Final week before trip Prayer . On the Lord's Day nearest departure, ask the leaders of your church to commission you and this trip with prayer and the laying on of hands ( Acts 13:2-4)
Immunizations . Gamma Globulin injection (if you did not get the Hepatitis A immunizations)
. Take First Malaria tablet 7 days before departure (if taking Lariam)
Day of departure Prayer . Begin the day in the Word and prayer, asking God to use you for His glory
Immunizations . Take Second Malaria table (if taking Lariam)


{1} This is in reference to health insurance. Some policies do not include overseas coverage without a special rider. It is each team members responsibility to make certain their health insurance coverage is valid for overseas travel and, if not, to get the necessary rider far enough in advance so that it is effective during the trip. Team leader should make certain each team member has some form of overseas travler protection which does provide some coverage for health, loss of limb and loss of life, but the main benefit is medical emergency evacuation should it be needed.

Acts 13:2-4, While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them." So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off. The two of them, sent on their way by the Holy Spirit, went down to Seleucia and sailed from there to Cyprus. (NIV)

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