Mweya Safari Lodge &
Queen Elizabeth National Game Park

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These photographs were taken in western Uganda in the Queen Elizabeth National Game Park which includes the Mweya Safari Lodge. They were taken over a number of trips and several years. This is a wonderful experience and everyone who visits Uganda should if at all possible visit here. I also highly recommend you take the boat tour in the Kazinga Channel which endlessly feeds water into Lake George and Lake Edward.

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Our 2007 team was wonderfully surprised to encounter this herd of elephants crossing the road on our entrance into the game park.
These elephants were seen on our way out of the park. They were not clearly visible but very close to the road.
Elephants climbing the hill after some time in the water.
Great view of an elephant and his ivory tusks.
This beautiful view of elephants in a distance has the Rewenzori Mountians as their backdrop.
Look hard and you will see a crocodile on the shore, just a short distance from a fishing village where folks bath in the lake.
There are over 600 species of birds scattered over this 730 square mile game preserve.
More birds plus a fishing village on top of the hill.
Lke Edward provides a living for many fisherman, and like those in John 21:3ff, these men go out and fish through the night.
We did not see any motors at all, but men rowing boats out into this vast lake. Notice the Rewnzori Mountians in the background.
Water buffalos taking advantage of the cool water to escape the oppressing heat of the mid afternoon. These animals run in herds.
This shot is a little closer and gives you a good front view of the water buffalo.
An egret and a lone male water buffalo who was banished from the herd by a younger one, and spends the rest of his days alone.
Not sure about the details on this except to say it is one ugly bird.
You typically sees hippos in groups
Another gorup of hippos. Notice another lone water buffalo behind them.
Not sure what type bird makes these nest but you see them in a lot of trees.
This warthog is another of God's creatures that is not destined to win a beauty contest.

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