Monkey Pox In Central and West Africa
Experts: Risk of monkeypox low to general public

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By Rachel Lynn Aldrich - World News Group

For the first time, monkeypox outbreaks are occurring among people who have not traveled to Africa, according to European and U.S. health officials. Cases of the disease rarely surface outside of Africa. What is monkeypox? The virus originated in wild animals and is endemic in central and west Africa. Most infections cause milder smallpox-like symptoms such as a fever, body aches, chills, and fatigue, though in more severe cases people can develop a rash and lesions. It can be deadly for up to 1 in 10 people, but most people recover without going to the hospital.

Cases have arisen in Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden, mostly among men who participated in homosexual activity. One U.S. man who had traveled to Canada also tested positive.

June 8, 2022, more than a dozen U.S. states have now reported 31 cases. Monkey pox typically starts with flu-like symptoms such as fever, body aches, and fatigue. Some patients also develop rashes and lesions.

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