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December 2015 Special Project, Covenant Junior School School Contruction. Will you please help us?

This page leads down the trial to the various village ministries in which I am personally involved. My Uganda partners in this ministry are Pastor's Edward Kasaija and Kefa Sempangi and Elders Rashid Luswa, George Yewa, and Edward.

In a conversation with a US government aid official, it was noted that because English is the dominate language in Uganda, there are more English speaking missionaries and aid works there than any other country he was aware of. But he added, most (well over 95%) never get beyond the Kampala area. Now Kampala. with over 3,000,000 people is certainly a needy place, but so is the rest of the nation. I am continually having to remind others that Jesus did not say "Here OR there" in Acts 1:8, nor did He say go only to the less expensive places. People EVERYWHERE need Jesus.

I have mostly worked in remote area, mostly villages with no electricty, no medical clinic, no schools, no safe, water, etc. This does not make me special, it is just where my heart is. Below are links to these various villages with information and pictures. I would love to receive your comments. This section always under construction, so come back often

I am also happy to partner in some areas with Churches & Villages Together

Kalangalo, Mityana District
Kiyoola, Mokono District
Kyamagemule, Mityana District
Mutungo, Luweeza District
Nakiragala, Mityana Directrict

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